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This site is an archive for slash fiction involving the actors Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen, and the various characters they've portrayed.

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After our dear webmistress Govi passed away last year and the claim on the orginial address of the archive (rugbytackling.com) ran out in June, thanks to Iris we were able to set up this site under a new url but with exactly the same content. So please update your bookmarks :).

If you have your stories posted here and wish us to take them down from this site, please contact us.

This site will probably not be updated in the future. It will continue to exist as it is as an archive to so many of the wonderful stories that were written in this fandom and also as a memory of Govi who invested so much of her time into lovingly maintaining this site.
Afra_schatz, 19 Jul 2014 15:48
Site Updated!
New fiction added, enjoy!
Govi, 02 Feb 2013 6:16
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Title: A Captainís Duty

Author: Evocates

Summary: Boromir knows Gondor’s ways. No matter how it might break him to follow...

Rated: NC-17

Categories: LOTR FPS

Characters: Aragorn/Boromir

Series: None

Chapters: 4 Table of Contents

Completed: Yes Word count: 27183 Read Count: 4826 Warnings: None

Published: 29 Apr 2013 Updated: 29 Apr 2013